The Citizens Law P.I. Marc Hertogh and postdoctoral researchers Monika Lindbekk and Erin Jackson presented the results of the initial findings of the comparative research of the Citizens Law project at the Law & Society Association Annual Meeting. The conference took place in Denver, Colorado, from 6 – 9 June 2024. The team presented on the panel “Legal Consciousness and the Rule of Law”, with insightful feedback from esteemed legal consciousness scholar Lynette Chua, Professor of Law at the National University of Singapore. The panel explored the comparative perspectives of rule of law from the Netherlands, Hungary and Denmark, as well as the Danish case study of Denmark’s ghetto laws and the use of visual methods to explore legal consciousness. The panel was joined by Chloë Cass (Ireland) and Yuyao YI (China), exploring additional perspectives in legal consciousness research. Ahead of the conference, Erin Jackson joined in the LSA’s Early Career Workshop, which brings together a global group of young academics in law and society research.